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Shamrock Space Studio is a Cairns-based photography & videography company happy to capture natural candid photos and video of your loved once, closest friends or your family. We are available to photograph both couple and family sessions throughout the Cairns area. We love to offer on-location, professional family photography for a more natural feel that incorporates the unique beauty of Far North Queensland. This lovely paradise on Earth boasts a huge variety of scenic locations, from tropical beaches to lush rainforests and more. Our photoshoots are stress-free to ensure we capture those special moments filled with emotions and precious connections. Our goal is to preserve your vibrant moments as unique and custom works of art that your family will cherish for years to come. 

What to expect from your family photo session:   

•    Relaxed 60 minutes or more of photoshoot time - time may be dependent on your requirements - where you       will be guided through a variety of poses;    

•    Cairns, Port Douglas, or Atherton Tablelands location (s) of your choice;    

•    Fun and easy-going approach to family photography;    

•    An emphasis on telling the story of your family.

You should feel relaxed and comfortable enough at a session to be yourself and simply let your personality, members of your family or friends  shine.

No need to worry about how you will pose or stand, that’s out job! We will guide you into the best positions, all you need to do is bring your smiles and the love. Just look at your children, grandchildren, friends there you will feel it. Bring the entire family to enjoy a fun-loving day out filled with snuggles, smiles and laughter, all eternally captured by our lenses for your future selves you!

Please, read our answers on FAQ below our family gallery.*  

*FAQs - questions to your family photographer

One of the most asked question to family photographer is “what the best time to take photos?”


As commonly know the best time for almost any type of photography including family photography is "the golden hour" or "magic hour". This is  the time of day when the sun is low in the sky just around sunrise or sunset. Normally, this is 30-40 minutes after sunrise and before sunset.

Taking professional family photos, and particularly family portraits around this time can give you golden, dramatic and extremely pleasant and softer light. 

You can always check and schedule your family photo session time refer to this link.

Please note that it is better to arrive at the chosen location 30-40 minutes before the "golden hour". You will need this time gap to get used to the place, talk with your family photographer, take a test photo, check clothes, poses, composition, discuss your own ideas, wishes and other details.

What to wear to your family photoshoot? 


The starting point and a first step you need to adjust your outfit to the location. There are a variety of clothing ideas for many types of indoor and outdoor locations, but it's always important to harmonise your clothing with the environment. 
To keep your family photoshoots looking sty
lish and elegant we recommend choosing 2-3 colours for your outfit. Also solid colours of your clothes always look classy and classic. It is worth to mention that your outfit shouldn't dominate over faces of your beautiful family, that's why we would recommend to keep your dress simple to let your face shine. Remember, staying away from super trendy pieces will help your pictures stand the test of time.

One more thing not to forget - this is always a nice idea to play with jackets, hats, scarfs, vests, neckties, bows, socks, gloves or (when it's suitable) umbrellas.  ... and remember you are always welcome to discuss with Shamrock Space Studio family photographer all you special needs and get the best advice for the best possible outcome. 


How long should a family photo session be?

From our experience your family photoshoot timing will depend on number of photo locations you choose, amount of people participating in the photo session, weather condition and number of photographs you would like to receive. 
In general, aim to allow 1
– 1 ½ hours for each location during your family photo session. As professional family photographers, we understand that your time can be limited, which is why we will do our very best to make the most of every minute we spend with you. 

How long should we wait and how many edited photos  can we expect from a 1 hour session?


We would answer: it varies from 10 to 20 or even 30 photographs (on the average you can expect around 20 professionally edited, retouched family photographs), however this depends on several factors and circumstances. But we can always collaborate and find a common ground.

How to book a family photo session with Shamrock Space Studio?

This is a very easy way, just push here or press a button "Book Now" which is below this post.  Alternatively, you can write us on e-mail: or call 0405 096 554 (Victoria)  


Shamrock Space Studio based in Cairns is specialised in family photography and family portraits. Our images are a testament to all you do and a keepsake for the future.
Normally, our family photographer will spend an ordinary morning or evening together with your lovely family and your loved once.  Simply as you are perfect!  

We’ll use not only natural light but can apply our professional lights and flashes for the best possible outcome and the photos you need.  

Your family is what is important for us. 
In case if you don’t feel so photogenic now, don't worry about it, in the future you and your loved one will love images that show how life was, with everyone included.
And yes..., we promise, after everything when you look at your family photos you will remember the moments.
So, get in touch now to get some more info or to book your family portrait photography session.

“Nothing is permanently perfect. But there are perfect moments ...”
― Mary Balogh

Shamrock Space Studio would like to ask you: "Let us photograph these perfect moments of your life."


​If you're based in Cairns, Port Douglas or the Atherton Tablelands and you're looking for a family photographer near me then don't hesitate to call. We're able to travel to take photos in your location. 

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