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- We offer three seperate canvas variants:


  a)Printed canvas*;

  b)Printed streched canvas*;

  c)Printed streched and framed canvas**.

  You can chose any variants during check out. If you have any personal preferences not included in our listings please write a notice regarding your order. We will do our best to satisfy your needs.


- Our Art work is printed on the highest quality art canvas with a UV scratch-resistant protectective coating;

- Edge wrap is stretched over a wooden frame and ready to hang;

- A framed canvas is a streched canvas placed into a bigger frame. Either a traditional frame or a more modern - floating frame.

- The picture comes with the owner's certificate, photgrapher's signature and a unique inventory number;

- Only 50 pictures will be printed on canvas in a lifetime;

- This is an unique opportunity to purchase something special for yourself, friends or your loved ones.


* By default, we will make our canvas with black sides. If you need white or mirror, please leave a message in the order. 

** By default, our canvas’ will be installed in a wooden frame in the color chosen by us which matches the picture’s colour, gamma, and composition. We can customize the frame color to your liking if needed.

Portrait of a Lady in the bedroom

PriceFrom $125.00
Form Of The Print
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