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For Shamrock, taking photographs and videos is more than a profession. It’s a true lifelong passion. Shamrock Space Studio is a professional drone photographer / drone videographer in Cairns. We love to capture genuine moments and have the ability to frame their images in interesting and unique ways. Get in touch for more information. We can provide our drone services for any occasion, such as Wedding Ceremony, Private Events,  Real Estate video and photos , construction photography, Industrial and commercial (including construction inspection and ads ).

Professional service means being properly registered, licensed, certified, skilled, and experienced.

  • RPA Operator's Certificate (ReOC). | CASA.ReOC.7746

  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Registration. | CASA Ref: SUB-22-71744

  • Remote Pilot License (RePL) No 1157887 (ARN). | CASA Ref: SR-21-181306

  • Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC) No 1157887 (ARN). | CASA Ref: SR-21-162239

What exactly is aerial photography and aerial videography?

Aerial photography and aerial videography are relatively new services which have just dropped into the photo-video industry in the past few years. Despite its recent entrance, the style has gained extreme popularity due to its unique ability to capture beautiful aerial images and videos that will exceed your expectations.


For decades, professionals had to hire a plane or helicopter to take aerial photographs and/or aerial videos. Nowadays, modern cameras along with ever-advancing drone technology have made capturing these stunning images widely accessible. That is why drone photography and videography has expanded drastically in range and versatility in the filmmaking and photography industry.

Drone Videographer

Drone Photography Cairns
Aerial Drone Photography & Videography

Why should you use drones service?


Surprisingly, many people do not consider that incorporating drone footage and images into their shoots can produce an elevated final result in comparison to utilising only a hand-held/customary camera. A drone enables a photographer to capture those hard-to-reach places and gain greater angles. These advantages make drone photography and videography an ideal contender to capture landscapes, real estate, special events, family and personal photos, as well as adventures and expeditions. Your subject and unique style can be enhanced with breathtaking birds-eye views and impressive angles. By presenting a unique perspective of your work will make your portfolio, project or task stand out and leave you confident with its presentation. Simply put, aerial photography and videography is more than an image – it is an investment, one which may make the difference between getting your property sold or not, or capturing that one picture-perfect photo of your family or not.  Drone photography and videography will never fail to deliver an outstanding and memorable final image.

Why should you choose Shamrock Space Studio in Cairns?


Drone photography and videography in the Cairns region offers a distinct advantage in capturing your properties, products, and family but to get the best possible result planning is essential. From planning your flight, to getting the required equipment, set up, flying  and the editing process – a lot goes into the creation of these picturesque images and videos. Unfortunately, it is not easy to produce professional, high-quality, drone images and videos without experience, skill and an in-depth knowledge of drone photography and videography. Luckily, here at Shamrock Space Studio we are experts in the field.


Do you want to get your aerial stills and videos taken and edited professionally?


Specialising in drone photography and videography in the Cairns region, Shamrock Space Studio offers drone services including a drone pilot, drone photographer and videographer and professional editing. Fully licensed by CASA to utilise drones of up to 25kg, we have taken our flying pals to the sky and had the honour of working with businesses and individuals across the Cairns area. From shooting real estate properties, including AirBNBs, and personal images and footage for private portfolios such as proposals, self-promotions and more. Shamrock Space Studio will provide you with high-resolution, professionally edited photos and videos that will satisfy your needs at an affordable rate.

How much do we charge for drone services?


We believe that pricing should be simple and straightforward. That is why we charge our clients with our agreed price upon completion of the project, so as to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their final image and/or video. However, we do request a 20% deposit prior to project commencement of our agreed cost. Our prices are not based on an hourly rate, so whether you need us for just 2-3 hours or the whole day, you can rest assured that you will receive the best quality shots and not pay extra.


If you are looking for understanding and affordable drone photography and/or videography in Cairns, Port Douglas, Atherton Tablelands , look no further than Shamrock Space Studio.


Contact us via call or SMS today at: 0405 096 554 or book here.

Or send us an enquiry at:


We look forward to working with you here at Shamrock Space Studio.

A young slim brunette female model in a yellow coctaile dress walking at the beach in the evening time towards the massive rocks, forest and mountains with flying above birds in the background
A young slim curly-haired female model dressed in a white shirt skirt and green top walking at the beach with white sand towards the ocean



Basically, drone photography and videography  is identical to aerial photos and videos, but for better understanding what we do for our customers, we split drone services in Cairns in two separate options. A couple words about drone photography and videography in our own interpretation and as a part of our service:
Drone footage and stills that we use for industrial needs, such as: building or construction site, quarry, roof inspection, security or safety control, mapping, we identify as drone photography and videography. 
So, video and photo which we take for some sort of commercial or industrial needs we call drone photography and videography. 
Shamrock Space Studio has a fully certified and licensed commercial pilot and creative team which can provide you with drone photography and drone videography services in the Cairns region. Also we operate in Port Douglas, Atherton Tablelands and surrounded areas.
Call us today, we are happy to help!


In contrast to drone photography and videography, aerial photography and aerial videography designed to service private customers, commercial organisations and companies for any entertainment, art or creative purposes including advertisement.  
Shamrock Space Studio is a friendly team of  a fully licensed and certified drone pilot, aerial  photographer and aerial videographer in Cairns. We are more than happy to help you with all you "aerial service in Cairns".
No matter, whether it is your wedding, birthday or life events we are here to help.

Do you need any kind of personal or promotion or advertising aerial video or photo, - Book us today! 

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