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Shamrock Space Studio is a vibrant team of Cairns-based photographers, each with an unwavering passion for artfully capturing event narratives. Our mission is to highlight the unique story of your special occasions, delivering images that are not only visual records but evocative portrayals of the emotions and moments that define them.


From major industry expos to local community happenings, our range of event photography services is designed to document and enhance your memorable moments through a blend of artistic perception and authentic storytelling. Whether it's a company retreat, an intimate milestone ceremony, festive celebrations, or dynamic public and industry events like exhibitions, tradeshows, and conventions, Shamrock Space Studio commits to immortalising the spirit of your events.



What can Shamrock Space Studio provide for you?


- Business Retreats

- Milestone Ceremony Photography

- Festive Celebrations

- Performances and Cultural Events

- Award and Recognition Events

- Community Gatherings

- Exhibitions, Tradeshows, and Conventions


Why select Shamrock Space Studio for your Event Photography in Cairns?


We believe that every event, regardless of its scale or purpose, deserves to be captured with grace, warmth, and a personal touch. Our photographers are adept at identifying and capturing the essence of each event


                                    Cairns event photography gallery

*Frequently asked questions for your event photographer

One of the questions event photographers get asked the most is:

Do you offer services just for the official parts of events?

We cover both the official and unofficial parts of your event, from conferences, meetings, and training sessions to evening parties and outdoor & adventure activities.


Do you provide photo retouching services?

Yes, we offer photo retouching services. Our basic package covers standard adjustments such as exposure enhancement and colour correction. Additional services are available upon request for more advanced retouching.

How do you manage low-light conditions?

Our event photographers are experts at managing various lighting conditions. With top-notch cameras and lenses that excel in low light, along with professional lighting gear, we promise to capture the best possible shots for you.


How do you deliver the photos?

We provide a secure online gallery for accessing and downloading your high-resolution photos. USB delivery is also available upon request.

How to schedule an event photo session with us?

It’s super easy! Just click here or hit the "Book Now" button below. You can drop us an email at or give us a call at 0405 096 554 (Victoria)


Shamrock Space Studio is Cairn’s top choice for event and corporate photography. Our photos go beyond mere snapshots; they recount the story of your event, highlight the best moments, and create lasting memories.
By choosing us as your event photographer, you are investing in memories, not just booking a service. Similar to a family photographer, we take the time to understand the atmosphere of your event and your specific needs. The outcome? Authentic, lively photos that capture the spirit of your event and enhance the impact of your company or brand.

Getting the lighting right can make or break a photo, and we excel at this. Whether it's capturing the natural glow of a Cairns sunset filtering through your conference room or using light subtly, we ensure that every shot is picture-perfect.

If you're not feeling particularly photogenic, don't worry. Our expertise lies in capturing you and your event in the most flattering light, both literally and figuratively. Years from now, these photos will serve as a cherished reminder of how well you orchestrated your event, with everyone shining and enjoying themselves.

As the renowned author Mary Balogh once said,
- "Nothing is permanently perfect. But there are perfect moments."

At Shamrock Space Studio, we specialize in capturing the "perfect moments" at your events. 

Why wait? Contact us today for more information or to book your next event photography. 

Let Shamrock Space Studio capture the perfect moments that tell the story of your event.


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