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Landscape photography is not only the technique of capturing images of nature, it's not only a way how  to bring our viewer into the scene. As Shamrock Space Studio photographers our point of view is different: through landscape photography, the photographers demonstrate their intimate connection to nature and catch the sense   of the environment around them.

Watching a landscape, we try to  mentally travel over it and draw our attention on the noticeable elements. Our eyes can see and brain can recognise  a lot of the subjects, but eyes and brains may ignore everything except the impressive details. Cameras and even the most modern equipment or superior technologies  cannot do this by themselves.

Taking landscape photographs started out as a hobby, but through years of hard work and dedication we‘ve turned it into a fulfilling career. We’ve been traveling the world, capturing the beautiful and unique qualities of local destinations. Photography is the main way in which we share our experiences with the world, and we hope you enjoy browsing through these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.

As a local landscape photographer in Cairns, Shamrock Space Studio through its artwork shares with the world the beauty of Australia, its amazing unique nature, especially picturesque tropical sights of Far North Queensland.


Our goal is to photograph as much of the world as possible, and share the treasures of the planet with anyone who wants to go on this journey with us. You can order any of our pictures to print or our landscape photographer and drone photographer can take a photo of your own special place. You can order and buy your favourite landscape photos in our Art Shop Collection.

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