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How to get ready for a photo shoot!

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

In any shooting there is a very important stage, about which we have to talk and write a lot to our clients. This stage is preparation for the photo session.

Yes, of course, you can just come to the shooting and take pictures. And even, it is quite likely to get good photos. But will these be the photos you want? So that your expectations and the result do not diverge, you need to carefully prepare for the photo shoot be it fashion, boudoir or any kind of portrait photography.

Portrait photo of a beautiful woman smiling

Think over images for photography. Agree with the photographer on what to wear for a photo shoot, what shoes will be relevant), use the services of a stylist if you want to look at yourself in a new way in selected sets of clothes.

Photo shoot makeup

Makeup artists have a special concept - "makeup for a photo shoot." What does it mean? This is the usual make-up, but done a little more densely and brightly, as the camera "eats" some of the color. But it is important not to overdo it - everything should look natural. Matte make-up will be appropriate.

But what we advise all models to do for shooting is to even out skin tone and give expressiveness to the eyes.

Refrain from any skincare or cosmetic procedures

Before the photo shoot, refrain from traumatic procedures - peeling, epilation, injections, solarium and others. It is better to do all this in advance to avoid possible troubles.

Get enough rest

Before shooting make sure you get enough sleep.

The day before, give up serious physical exertion.

At night, do not drink a lot of water and do not eat heavy food to avoid swelling.

Prepare everything you need in advance.

In the morning, do a light physical. warm-up.

If the photo session is planned for more than an hour, bring water and a light snack with you.

Find out in advance the exact address of the studio or location.

Arrive at the studio 10-15 minutes before filming starts. Time to change clothes, change shoes - this is also time! Turn off the sound on your phone so you don't get distracted during the photo session.

Smile to the new day and head to the photo shoot in a good mood.

The most important and useful advice is to relax and be yourself!

Even if you're wearing the best makeup and a million dollar dress or suit, it's all for nothing if you're out of sorts. And vice versa - even in the simplest clothes, but with a positive attitude, you can make real masterpieces.


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