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What Are Giclee Prints? Produced by the most modern printmaking techniques, giclee prints are the highest quality fine art prints, used by artists to make individual or low-run reproductions of original two-dimensional artwork, photographs, computer graphics or computer generated imagery.


We sell three variants of this print:  
a) Highest quality Art Print; 
b) Framed highest quality Art Print with UV Non-Reflective Glass; 
c) Framed highest quality Art Print with UV Non-Reflective Galss and Top Mat (museum).

You can chose any variants during check out. Please write a personal notice regarding your order if you have any queries and/or specifications. We will do our best to satisfy your needs. 

- Our Art work is printed on the highest quality archival or museum grade category inkjet paper; generally coming under the categories matte; cotton-rag or canvas*. Archival is a term used to describe that which is resistant to deterioration with exceptional longevity. This often means acid-free / lignin-free papers, which will preserve the product. Most professional series paper will give this information on the box eg. acid-free and 100% cotton base;
- You can chose size and colour during checkout.

- The picture comes with the owner's certificate, photgrapher's signature and a unique inventory number;- Only 50 pictures will be printed on canvas in a lifetime;- This is an unique opportunity to purchase something special for yourself, friends or your loved ones.

* for canvas go to our category - canvas print 

Lake Mitchell after bushfire. Australia, Queensland. 2018

PriceFrom AU$170.00
Frame option
  • Please consider the image size when placing an order. In addition, we can offer some extra services according to your needs, such as frame color, gift packaging, faster express delivery, and more.

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