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Shamrock Space Studio: Corporate & Event Photography Services in the Cairns Region

Updated: 14 hours ago

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What Types of Corporate & Event Photography Does Shamrock Space Studio Offer?

Corporate & Event photography captures the essence and atmosphere of an occasion. Our seasoned team, with extensive expertise and knowledge, has covered countless events globally. Now, Shamrock Space Studio primarily focuses on various events in Cairns, Port Douglas, Cairns Northern Beaches, and Atherton Tablelands, including corporate gatherings, festivities, parties, birthdays, seminars, lectures, workshops, and conferences. We also offer services for nightclubs, stadiums, sports centers, concerts, and employee photography with on-site visits. Additionally, we document grand openings of restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, and other businesses.

Corporate Event Professional photography

Pricing for Corporate & Event Photography in Cairns, Port Douglas, Cairns Northern Beaches, and Atherton Tablelands by Shamrock Space Studio

- Standard Package: 1-2 hours, 100 photos - Starting from $500

- Advanced Package: 2-4 hours, 200 photos - Starting from $1000

- Elite Package: 4-6 hours, 400 photos - Starting from $2000

- Comprehensive Package: 2-3 days and more, 700 photos - Starting from $3000

How much does it cost

The Corporate & Event Photography Process by Shamrock Space Studio

1. Initial Meeting

2. Understanding the Objective

3. Location Scouting

4. Consultation Session

5. Aligning Tasks and Proposals

6. The Photography Session

7. Photo Editing and Enhancement

8. Delivering the Final Photos

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Insights into Shamrock Space Studio's Corporate & Event Photography

Our Specialisations:

Our event photographer and corporate specialist are the unseen eyes at events, capturing every pivotal moment. They are akin to journalists, translating events into visual narratives. We specialise in:

- Corporate event coverage

- Educational events like seminars, lectures, conferences, and workshops

- Celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and name days

- Graduation ceremonies, formals from school to universities

- Various events like concerts, performances, stand-ups, and more

In essence, our photographers immerse themselves in your event, blending in with the guests and participants to capture the most vibrant and memorable moments.

Event Photography

Our Approach to Corporate & Event Photography:

While corporate & event photography might seem straightforward, it requires a strategic approach. Every event has its flow: from organisation and preparation to the arrival of guests, the introductory segment, the main event, and the conclusion. Our photographers ensure that each phase is captured proportionally, highlighting the essence the organiser intended.

Event Photography

Our Focus Areas:

Beyond understanding the event's core, there's a technical side to our work. Here's what we prioritise:

- Photo Quality: Events are dynamic. As lighting, angles, and distances constantly change, our photographers adjust camera settings to ensure every shot is sharp, clear, and well-lit.

- Photo Angles: On any given day, our photographers might traverse over 10 km seeking the perfect angle. They're always on the move, ensuring a comprehensive coverage.

- Capturing Emotions: It's not just about the event; it's about the people. Our photographers might spend up to 15 minutes on a single group, waiting for that perfect shot that captures genuine emotions.

- Equipment: Shamrock Space Studio utilises state-of-the-art professional equipment and software to achieve optimal results, ensuring minimal disruption to attendees during events. In challenging lighting conditions, such as dimly lit venues or clubs, we employ specialised gear, including soft boxes and expert lighting setups, to guarantee every photograph is impeccable.

Event Photography

Lastly, it's crucial to note that our photographers aren't just staff; they're integral participants and guests at your event. This approach guarantees dynamic and high-quality corporate & event photos by Shamrock Space Studio. Stop waiting and look no further. Contact us today by clicking here.


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