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Shamrock Space Studio's goal is to leave you beyond satisfied with the final result.

2 hr

Price starts at $500

Customer's Place

Shamrock Space Studio is a group of talented Cairns based portrait photographers, we believe that portrait photography is an art form, not something that can be done easily with just a click of your smartphone camera. It is different than normal selfies that we always see posted on social media sites. It takes hundreds of shots for a good portrait photographer to capture the personality of the subject by adjusting lighting, poses, and backdrops.

Our approach to portrait photography 

In order to obtain the desired picture we work together with our clients till we get the best possible customer feedback from our photography session. We will not stop shooting until our customer is content with the results. Several factors dictate how long a photography session can last but in general, photoshoots last from 2 hours up to a couple of days. It can be done in a studio or in different remote locations, such as busy streets in the CBD, coffee shops, beach-sides, forests or mountains etc. It is important to know the location so that we can adequately prepare and deliver the best possible results.

Beautiful portraits

Shamrock Space Studio has everything you need to ensure your shoot is a success. From pre- and post-shoot advice from a professional Cairns photographer to image editing and touch-ups, our range of photo professional services ensure you’ll receive the picture perfect outcome. Whether it's lifestyle, fashion, group or personal photography, get in touch to find out more about our services.

Please, read our answers on FAQ just below our portrait gallery*


*FAQs - questions to your portrait photographer

How many edited photos  can I expect from a 2 hour session?

We would say: it can receive from 10 to 30 photographs however the average is around 20. Generally, this depends on many factors and circumstances. For instance: how many photo locations you choose , how far away your locations from each other, whether require to change your outfit, hair style, make up etc., during your portrait photo session. 
But we can always collaborate and find a proper solution

One of the most asked question to portrait photographer is “what the best time to take photos?”


As commonly know the best time for almost any type of photography including portrait photography is "the golden hour" or "magic hour". This is  the time of day when the sun is low in the sky just around sunrise or sunset. Normally, this is 30-40 minutes after sunrise and before sunset.

Taking photographs, and particularly portraits around this time can give you golden, dramatic and extremely pleasant and  softer light. 

You can always check and schedule your portrait photo session time refer to this link.

Please note that it is better to arrive at the chosen location 30-40 minutes before the "golden hour". You will need this time gap to get used to the place, talk with your portrait photographer, take a test photo, check clothes, poses, composition, discuss your own ideas, wishes and other details.

How much time should I spend on my portrait photo session?

To address this question we have to understand your requirements such as how many locations would like to visit and if there are two or more, how far away they from each other? Do you need to change you hair style, makeup, outfit during the photo session etc.? 
In general, aim to allow 1 – 1 ½ hours for each loca
tion during your portrait photo session. As professional portrait photographers, we understand that your time can be limited, which is why we will do our very best to make the most of every minute we spend with you.  



What is Lifestyle Photography? This is more than just portrait photography. It is about capturing images that tell a story. The story about person, feelings, relations. Shamrock Space Studio is specialised in lifestyle photography. Our images are a testament to all you do and a keepsake for the future.
Normally, our lifestyle photographer will spend an ordinary morning or afternoon together with you. Simply as you are is perfect!   
We’ll use not only natural light but can apply our professional lights and flashes for the best possible outcome and the photos you need.  
In case if you don’t feel so photogenic now, don't worry about it, in the future you and your loved one will love images that show how life was, with everyone included.
And yes..., we promise, after everything when you look at your lifestyle photos you will remember moments.
So, get in touch now to get some more info or to book your lifestyle portrait photography session.

With a deep preference for quality images and a precise use of light,  Shamrock Space Studio as a fashion photographer is able to offer our clients unique photographs in the most beautiful places of the Cairns region, Port Douglas and Atherton Tablelands. Shamrock Space Studio have the particularity intention of being quickly recognisable at a glance by our  aesthetic vision of the model. 
The Cairns region is an ideal place for photography and fashion photography. Indeed, around Cairns, Port Douglas and Atherton tablelands are incredibly beautiful and exotic places. Lush rainforest,  mountains, tropical creeks with a view, beaches and the Pacific ocean, bush but also some of the most beautiful palaces and famous waterfalls around the world.
Shamrock Space Studio is your fashion photographer who knows all local sightseeing and can offer a strong and deep artistic and creative experience. Book us today! 

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