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Shamrock Space Studio has a unique talent for being able to transform something as simple as bricks and mortar into captivating, emotive photographs, videos or aerial footage. Our deep passion for real estate photography and videography has guided us to a multitude of remarkable locations such as to the stunning infrastructure of the greater city area to the desolate yet breathtaking rural treasures and all in between as a professional Real Estate Photographer in Cairns. 

Property market in Cairns

The property market in the Cairns region of Australia is enormously competitive and this fact is really important. In order to achieve the highest offer or the best tenants, your Real Estate portfolio in Cairns must be outstanding, inviting and enticing. Moreover, it should stand out among similar offers. We believe that you are in a right place for this.

How do our real estate photographers do this?

As Cairns real estate photography studio we provide images that are able to emphasise the existing features of your property. Shamrock Space Studio photographers have an acute eye for architectural external and interior design. Our modern equipment can catch the all details you like adjust optimal natural light, maximise room space and highlight points of interest in your property to show any potential viewers its potential.

Why should you Choose Shamrock Space Studio for Your Residential or Industrial Real Estate Photography in Cairns?

We believe ​ that any property should be filled by sophistication, comfort and character. Above all, this is what our commercial  photographers are able to find with every shot.

In addition, our photographs are of the highest quality of Photography Standards and our approach during the shoot is diligent and professional. Many of property owners and agents have trusted Shamrock Space Studio with their photography assignments.

Which area do we service?
We operate in the Cairns region, Port Douglas and Atherton Tablelands. Simply contact us and we will do our best to satisfy all your requirements. 

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