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Greetings and welcome to Shamrock Space Studio, the premier choice for professional corporate photography, corporate conference photography and event photography in the Cairns area. Understanding the pivotal role that photography plays in your business's marketing, social media, and internal communications, we are committed to delivering exceptional service.


Our expertise lies in capturing authentic smiles in even the most formal environments, illuminating the darkest spaces, and providing expedient delivery of high-quality photographs. Our extensive experience spans a wide array of business events, clients and industries. We have had the privilege of photographing medical conferences for Invisalign Australia at the Cairns Convenience Centre, as well as international events for Ray White in Port Douglas.


Our adaptability extends to various settings, including challenging lighting conditions and confined spaces. This wealth of experience equips us to anticipate your specific needs, allowing you to concentrate on your event while we manage the photographic elements. Our corporate event photographers are versatile in our approach, capable of servicing events both large and small. Our technical acumen enables us to judiciously employ flash photography when necessary, while also knowing when to abstain to preserve the natural ambiance of the event.


Furthermore, our services are not confined to corporate conference photography alone. We also specialize in corporate party photography across a range of venues, from upscale bars and restaurants to rustic farms and adventurous outdoor settings. Our unique selling proposition is our ability to capture candid photographs—those unscripted moments that encapsulate genuine emotions and the true essence of your event.


We are pleased to extend our corporate photography services across the Far North Queensland area, covering regions from Innisfail to Port Douglas, including Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands. For a personalised consultation and quote, we invite you to contact us via email. We are keenly interested in contributing to the success of your next event and capturing moments that will be treasured for years to come.

Please, read our answers on FAQ below our gallery.*

*FAQs - questions to your corporate event photographer

One of the most asked questions to corporate photographers are:

Do you offer your services only for the official part of events?

We provide comprehensive coverage for both the official and unofficial segments of your event. This includes not only your conference, official meeting, training and more, but also evening parties, outdoor entertainment, and adventure activities.


Do you offer photo retouching services?

Yes, we do offer photo retouching services. Our basic package includes standard adjustments like color correction and exposure adjustment. More advanced retouching services are available upon request.

How do you handle low-light situations?

Our event photographers are experienced in handling a variety of lighting conditions. We use high-quality cameras and lenses that perform well in low light, and we also have professional lighting equipment to ensure the best possible shots.


How are the photos delivered?

At Shamrock Space Studio, we offer a secure online gallery where you can access and download your high-resolution photos. We also provide options for USB delivery if requested.

How to book an event photo session  with Shamrock Space Studio?

This is a very easy way, just push here or press a button "Book Now" which is below this post.  Alternatively, you can write us on e-mail: or call 0405 096 554 (Victoria)  


Shamrock Space Studio is definitely Cairns' premier choice for event and corporate photography. Our images aren't just snapshots; they're a powerful narrative of your event, a testament to your professional endeavors, and a keepsake for years to come.

When you choose us as your corporate photographer, you're not just hiring a service; you're investing in memories. Just as a family photographer captures intimate moments, we too spend quality time understanding your corporate culture, your event's atmosphere, and your specific needs. The result? Photography that is as authentic as your work, as dynamic as your team, and as impactful as your brand.

Lighting can make or break a photograph, and we excel in mastering it. Whether it's the natural glow of a Cairns sunset filtering through your conference room or the nuanced use of our professional lighting equipment, we ensure that each shot is picture-perfect.

We understand that in the corporate world, image is everything. If you're not feeling particularly photogenic, fret not. Our expertise lies in capturing you and your team in the most flattering light, both literally and metaphorically. Years down the line, these images will serve as a cherished look back at how splendidly you orchestrated your events, with every team member shining in their role.

As the renowned author Mary Balogh once said,
- "Nothing is permanently perfect. But there are perfect moments."

At Shamrock Space Studio, we specialise in capturing those 'perfect moments' that define your corporate events.

So why wait? Contact us today  for more information or to book your next corporate photography session.
Let Shamrock Space Studio capture the perfect moments that tell the story of your professional journey.

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