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The Best Photo Locations in the Cairns Area. Choose Your Spot

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Cairns area is no doubt blessed with all-year round summertime and it has the best locations in Australia for taking impressive and memorable photos. From gorgeous distant mountains to beautiful beaches Far North Queensland is full of Instagram worthy landscape photography spots for your outstanding content.

Every sunrise in Cairns is simply breathtaking which is why we highly recommend you have your photographs taken during the golden hour (one hour after sunrise.

If you are planning to visit Cairns, Port Douglas, Atherton Tablelands or Daintree or you are a local, here is our list of top 14 places divided in 2 distance ranges to have your photo session in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia:

City Range (Spots located within Cairns suburbs)

1. Cairns Botanic Gardens

Professional photo session at Cairns Botanic Gardens

This is one of the best locations in Cairns with many pretty little corners for perfect family photographs. While you are enjoying your time with your loved ones in a beautiful place surrounded by exotic lush tropical plants – we capture your candid and unposed images, catching those precious moments when you show your true feelings and emotions in the stunning background (surroundings).

If it is time to update a photo for your LinkedIn profile or your business website photos, then Cairns Botanic Gardens is an ideal place for outstanding corporate/business headshots showcasing that you are a Professional working in a tropical paradise. We can help you to create fantastic corporate/business portraits as the first impression is extremely important. We have top of the range full portable photo equipment and can take professional images for individuals and all employees of your business or organisation.

2. Trinity Beach.

Professional photo shoot at Trinity Beach

One of the coastal beautiful suburbs of Cairns just 20 minutes’ drive from the Cairns city where you can feel the carefree vacation vibe. It is the place to be. Locals and tourists love Trinity Beach as it has a great warm toned sandy beach, beautiful views, BBQ areas, playgrounds, walks, parks, netted swimming area, many cozy family-owned cafes and restaurants next to the palm fringed shores.

This beach is easily accessible by both public and private transport. This unique spot with a relaxed atmosphere can satisfy the needs of a wide range types of photoshoots including your vacation/event/lifestyle/family or even fashion photo session.

3. Kewarra Beach

Professional photo session at Kewarra Beach

Even though this post is written from a photographer viewpoint, the locations listed are all well worth visiting. There is nothing more peaceful then walking on a tropical beach with pristine water with your family, children, or faience with quiet laid-back feel. The beaches in general are excellent photo locations, but we wanted to share with you the most convenient ones for certain reasons and most photogenic.

This gorgeous family-friendly beach is a great spot. It is wide and nice for walking with your loved ones. Ideal for family and romantic candid photoshoots. We would love capturing you walking at the beach and laughing, all the fun that you are having. Let your family dress in something simple, comfortable, and light coloured. Talk to each other, run, jump, hug your loved ones. You are welcome to bring your family pets to the photo shoot, your candids will be lovely. Including pets in your photos might help you to relax and act naturally. If you have kids or teenagers – they would love to play with a family dog instead of being shy in front of the camera. It is accessible by both public and private transport.

4. Palm Cove

Professional photo shoot at  Palm Cove

It is truly a famous Australian holiday destination, and yes, it is compulsory to post Palm Cove photos on your social media account from this very Instagrammable spot with a sandy beach, centuries-old “paperbark” Melaleuca trees along the esplanade, beautiful hidden walks, ponds, luxury hotels, awesome restaurants, and an amazing touristy feel.

Spoil yourself in this relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere with an ocean breeze and let us take memorable photos of your happy moments (can be an event, family, fashion,, lifestyle, or any type of portrait photography or vacation photo session) in Palm Cove.

5. The Cairns Esplanade & Cairns Swimming Lagoon

The Cairns Esplanade & Cairns Swimming Lagoon

The Cairns Swimming Lagoon on the Esplanade is a magnet for landscape and portrait photographers from around the world. This is a place for locals to get fit on all the exercise equipment dotted thru the parks and the esplanade boardwalk, a place for little children and family to have fun on the play equipment, to learn to swim and take a memorisable photos of those happy moments.

In the southern part of the Esplanade, you can find many photogenic attractive areas among the lush tropical trees, or if you walk a little further, you can find a local marina with numerous of sailboats and motorboats that you can use as a background for marine style photography or even as a main subject of your photograph.

A short walk north along the beachfront boardwalk you will discover a lot of interesting spots for personal, family and landscape photography. The Esplanade is a world of fun for families at Muddy's Playground, along with a Skatepark, Beach Volleyball, Healing Garden playground and at the northern end the Funship Playground. Don't miss this unique opportunity to take the greatest photos of your funniest and happiest moments in Cairns.

6. Stoney Creek (Barron Gorge National Park)

Stoney Creek is ideally situated to enjoy all that Cairns has to offer for outdoor photography. If you're looking for portrait, family, artistic nude or landscape photography this is the place for you. Enjoy your photo session combined with rest, relaxation and rejuvenation - no matter your preference, serenity will surround you.

Rest and relaxation awaits at Stoney Creek with private access to fresh water streams, waterfalls and swimming holes where you can take unique photos. A quiet location, hidden away in lush rainforest. Also this place is a naturalist and bird watchers paradise.

Professional photo shoot

7. Clifton Beach

Professional photo shoot at Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is only 20 minutes drive away from Cairns City and about 45 minutes driving time from Port Douglas so you are central to everything Cairns has to offer.. This is an idyllic place for any kind of photography from wedding to family, from landscape to wildlife.

Clifton Beach is eco and wildlife area containing hectares of native rainforest, palms valley and breathtaking untouched coastline. You can easily find a place that suits your photography needs and requirements.

Out of City Range (Spots located out of Cairns suburbs)

8. Ellis Beach

Professional photo shoot at Ellis Beach

If you are planning a beach photoshoot and after a fabulous hideaway where you want to feel relaxed, connected to the nature and no one would watch you cannot go wrong with Ellis Beach. It would be the best place to choose and It is located only 5 minutes North of Palm Cove. This is the spot where while you can feel free, have fun, be yourself, enjoy spectacular sea/ocean view - we will take photos of you enjoying the moment.

Or you need some privacy for your romantic proposal during the sunset. This is the best destination to consider and discuss with the photographer as this the best environment to create memories that will last all your life. We know some perfect private spots for your perfect proposal.

This location is also suitable for outstanding aerial photos and videos.

9. Thala Beach Nature Resort

Professional photo session Thala Beach Nature Resort

Are you looking for that perfect location with a tropical feeling and you want to have the best photos from your vacation? This is a must-visit photo destination (please note, if it is a bit dry usually during Autumn the palm trees and the grass will not be so lush and green).

Discover this place where you can get creative and get astonishing photographs only 15 minutes’ drive South of Port Douglas and 45 minutes’ drive from Cairns. It is an Instagram famous absolutely stunning neat green lines of palms where we enjoy taking our photos. Call us and we would be happy get creative with you surrounded by prettiest palm trees.

10. Oak Beach

A couple holding hands walking on the Oak Beach

Oak Beach is a secret, hidden germ, a beach with a special hideaway for people looking for unique private luxury experience of living in the beachfront property. Ideal for celebrating your wedding anniversary and enjoy the company of each other. The closest town is Port Douglas being approximately 12 km away.

You see the sun, clear blue water, feel a warm breeze in your face and sand between your toes and keep your husband’s or wife’s hand. What a great moment! Let us capture it and freeze this happy time forever for your memories.

11. Port Douglas

Professional photo shoot at Port Douglas

Port Douglas is a famous tourism destination for a reason because this tropical paradise has so much to offer (scenery drives, relaxed friendly atmosphere, foodie haven, and most important the Great Barrier Reef, unique nature, and wildlife). If you are on vacation in gorgeous Port Douglas, take every opportunity to make your time here memorable and do not forget to have a professional photo shoot.

The ideas for photoshoots in this town are endless. There are some great locations such as: St Mary’s by the Sea wedding Chapel, the Sugar Wharf, 4 Miles Beach, parks, cane fields, marina, streams, old train track, jungles.

12. Mossman Gorge National Park

Professional photo session at Mossman Gorge National Park

Do you love nature? How about wild untouched dense tropical jungles where you can walk, swim, look at some exclusive Australian flora and fauna. This place is famous worldwide and having a photoshoot here is a dream for many people.

Why mot to take professional photos to show these beautiful surroundings like crystal clear crisp fresh water in rock pools, massive boulders, stunning huge rainforest trees and lush plants. Share your experience being here with the world via professional captures that show the true beauty of this place.

Mossman is just a short 20 minutes’ drive from Port Douglas, but this photo spot is 100% worth checking and having a photo session especially if you are a professional model, influencer, adventurer or just nature lover to add some great photos to for your portfolio, Instagram, Facebook or other social media account.

13. Daintree National Park

Professional photo shoot at  Daintree National Park

Looking for something different? Some new experience?

“Where the rainforest meets the Reef”. Yes, Cape Tribulation. A very special place two UNESCO World Heritage Sites meet.

The oldest rainforest in the world is estimated to be 180 million years old and the photos there cannot be anything but stunning images in the rainforest. Experience the tranquillity and magnificence of these jungles and free your creativeness.

14. Barron Falls (Barron Gorge National Park)

Barron Falls (Barron Gorge National Park)

Barron (Kuranda) Falls is situated near a popular tourist village Kuranda just 40 minutes to drive from Cairns. This waterfall is a significant part of the Barron Gorge National Park, in the Wet Tropics World Heritage area, and is one of Cairns’ and Tropical North Queensland’s most iconic attraction.

The impressive Barron (Kuranda) Falls is spectacular year-round but a sight to behold in the summer and autumn months, as the stunning waters thunder over the granite rock face and create a mighty roar and earthquake you need to feel to believe!

This is the greatest spot for landscape or wildlife photography. Also The Barron Falls can be used as a breathtaking background for portrait photography. Additionally you can find many other interesting locations for both: landscape and portrait photography within local tourists' tracks and trails. This is not only place for landscapers, wild lovers etc., this is also one of the most popular instragrammable area throughout the ancient tropical wet forest in Far North Queensland.

It most likely you can enjoy a shroud of mist and be astonished as rainbows form in the gorge below during the summer months.


Have you chosen the photo shoot location for yourself? Or you want to go to several of them in one day and have a variety of photographs with different backgrounds and feels? We often do this with our clients offering packages (photos, videos and aerial all taken in one day in different places). This is currently the most popular package we offer.

We love to get to know our clients prior to the photoshoot to ensure everyone feels comfortable, relaxed, and happy. This is our preferred way to get the best results.

We offer a variety of photography services in Cairns and the local area. Simply call or text us on 0405 096 554 or contact us to discuss your future photoshoot.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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