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Corporate photo session. How to Present Yourself

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Centralized shooting of employees is the best addition to a stylish corporate website or company booklet. After all, a uniform collection of your employees’ best shots will ultimately reflect upon your company as a whole. This is a big advantage of corporate photography - stylistic unity.

Photographing employees in the company's office is the perfect solution when employees cannot leave their workplace. It is a good way to show the internal life of the company in a favorable light. You can take a series of portraits for each employee in the workplace, as well as joint group shots.

If you have photo ideas in advance, then you can add photos to the shooting plan, which will later be used for publication in specialised media or for designing sections of the corporate website. When shooting, as a rule, a monitor is used. Each person can immediately choose the photos in which they likes themselves the most.

If the company has more than 50 people, then it is almost impossible to organize shooting of employees in isolation from the workplace. For this, the service of an exit studio is provided. The photographer goes to the company's office with all the necessary equipment, professional lighting and background. The shooting area does not require much space.

If necessary, you can organize the presence of a makeup artist at the shooting, which allows you to quickly shoot a large number of people in a limited time and get the final photos almost immediately after shooting. When there are a lot of employees, and it is not possible to shoot all of them in 1 day, then the shooting can be divided into several.


Fill in the form and submit the application. In doing so, you consent to the processing of your personal data. In the "comment" field, describe the task:

1. Type of shooting (classic studio portrait, professional portfolio, business style, etc.);

2. A few words about yourself: what you do or are fond of. Do you have professional filming experience?

3. Where will you use the photo (for personal purposes, publication in social networks, for work, printing in the press, etc.);

4. Deadlines, and the desired date of shooting;

5. Additional options (selection of a location or interior, clothes and props for shooting, services of a make-up artist, hairdresser);

6. Do you require photo printing or decorations;

7. Other wishes and links to examples of photographs that appeal to you, if any.

Application processing time: 1-2 days. If you have an urgent request, please call the number 0405096554

corporate photo session


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