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Why do you need professional headshots or personal branding photographs or video?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

A business woman professional portrait photo


Treat your personal branding photoshoot as an investment, not only do professional photographs enhance your online presence, but they also benefit your professional career, start up, and business project. Great photos put a friendly face to the name, and they can make you and your business appear more professional, approachable, and engaging.  It is one of the few which will yield overwhelmingly positive results. In this article, we will specify different ways your personal branding photos or videos can be utilised for your business to achieve growth, professionalism, and success.


The Importance of Professional Content for Your Business Website

If you are a business owner, you most likely have a professional website or are considering creating one that demonstrates who you are and what is your business’ purpose. Using personalised, professional, and unique images and video on your website is one of the best ways to build your brand, emphasise what makes you stand out and instil confidence in potential clients. The fact is, that first impressions matter. Nowadays, people are heavily drawn to images and videos, but we can all tell when a photo is from stocks. Having your own unique business visual content will leave a lasting impression on clients. Photography that looks high end and is completely customised to your business is key to developing a trustworthy website. Same applies to videography. Whereas low quality unprofessional generic photos and videos are likely to convey a similar impression about your business’ services and/or products. When you, your website, photos and/or videos of your products and services look professional, it makes your audience trusts and respects you from the get-go. Furthermore, your reputation and image are essential when looking to collaborate with other businesses.

We love seeing local businesses in the Cairns area grow and are always happy to discuss all your needs for visual content for your website (includes photo, video, audio, and aerial content).


Enhancing Your Professional Presence with a High-Resolution Profile Photo

It does not really matter whether it is your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest account or just an email profile photo, updating your profile photo is a must. In fact, it is the very first thing you should take into consideration as your profile photo can position you as an expert in your field. Consistent personal branding images of yourself across all online platforms (your website, social media pages and even email) is essential. This is as it increases awareness of your professional presence and the “know like and trust factor” between you and your existing/potential customers. If a potential client/buyer/patient can find you on any of these online platforms, it would be beneficial to ensure that your profile image remains consistent with the expertise you wish to portray.

Utilizing Personal Branding Content for Social Media Platforms

If you are a professional, influencer, entrepreneur, small business owner, or are simply running your own company, having custom footage to post on social media accounts/pages is vital. As we have mentioned above, using stock images may be ‘sufficient’, but it can signal your clients that you are trying to ‘cut corners’ in your work. If you strive to present yourself as a specialist in your field, it is crucial to invest in professional high quality visual content such as high resolution, effectively edited photos, and videos to display your products and/or services. Such is important in communicating a clear message to your audience and alert to your potential customers that they came to the right place and ensure your authenticity. That is why hiring a professional digital creator can ensure that your business gets the professional representation it deserves through vibrant on-brand photos and videos to use in all your marketing ventures.

Stand Out with Professional Headshots for Journal, Magazine, and Advertising

It can be an online publication, an article in a magazine, a nationally distributed banner, or your business advertisement on public transport. In the Cairns and Port Douglas area, professional headshots or corporate business images are of incredibly importance and will set you apart from others in the modern saturated market. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Showcasing Your Business Products/Services in the Cairns Area

Do you have an online store, gym, café, restaurant, clinic, or accounting company in Cairns or Port Douglas? Are you an influencer or are you just wanting to present your professional online presence? It is crucial to have photos and/or video that ‘shows off’ you, your products, and/or services and your business. Great high quality personal brand content attracts people/clients/followers, which in return leads to an increase in website traffic and potentially sales.  It is essential to discuss your personal branding photo or video session with a professional commercial photographer and/or videographer before the session. This is to guarantee that you will send the correct message to your audience, clients, customers, and followers. Your personal message will develop a bridge of credibility and trust between yourself and clients. Achieved through lively personal images and a cohesive approach to your business objectives, the resulting images will capture the very spirit of your company. It is no secret that high quality brand photos can lead to sales and immense profit.

Advertising: Presenting Your Business in the Best Light

Each business needs clients, and the best way to reach them is through advertising via social media, the internet and even in print. It is up to you to discover which approach best compliments your business. Options vary from Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram adds or even printed pieces spread amongst your community. However, amongst all option one thing remains constant; you always need to put your best foot forward and present the best image of your business.


Photography included in your advertisement not only distinguishes you from the crowd but also determines the very way clients view your business. Thus, to establish a professional, refined, and unique appearance you must have high quality and unique shots. Afterall, in the modern world we have all trained our mind to ignore generic ‘copy and paste’ ads– it is only the most exceptional of images that captures our attention.

The Value of Custom Personal Branding Photography for Business Growth

However, we understand that – at first – this may seem like an unideal business expense. Being business owners ourselves since 2013 we know first-hand the importance of budgeting and being sceptical of the true worth each serviced offered. But, when you are looking to expend your business and its clientele, investing in custom personal branding photography is essential. Not only will the quality of the final product be personalised to your profession, but images may be directly utilised to streamline your social media pages and your sales. High-quality images of your products and/or services build an unspoken trust with potential customers and eliminate confusion. Most importantly it highlights your authenticity and cements your position as a reputable and successful business within your industry.


Professional business photography is not for everyone. While tempting to new business owners, it is strongly recommended that the business is thoroughly prepared for this stage in its journey. This includes being entirely invested in its progress as a business and not as just a hobby.


If professional business and/or personal brand photography is what you are after, click here to contact us.



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